Our team at SaladStop! visited an urban rooftop farm in the middle of Orchard Road! Comcrop is Singapore’s very first urban farming project. Comcrop’s garden grows on the top of one of the country’s busiest urban areas, *Scape building.comcrop1

Urban farming is the cultivation of agricultural products in heavily populated areas such as cities and towns for the purpose of selling or otherwise distributing among the community of that area. It has numerous benefits for both the environment as well as for us. Not only does it reduce the amount of emissions that are released during the distribution process as the food does not have to travel long distances. It would also allow for us to have greater availability to produce that is fresh, and removes the necessity for excessive use of preservatives. It also helps the environment by helping cleanse the air.

comcrop2There was so much to learn during our visit. One of the most important things we learnt about was the challenges faced by Comcrop ,as they often end up loosing their crops due to that neither pesticides nor growth supplements are added, making their crops more vulnerable. To name a few, Comcrop plantation’s crops range from vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplants, capsicums to plants like mint and basil leaves.

SaladStop! is proud to be working together with Comcrop, and being part of a cause that benefits the community in such an environmentally conscious way and that contributes to a more sustainable future, a future where more people have the option, resources and knowledge to Eat Wide Awake.

To keep up with Comcrop, click here!


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